Cultural Adoption & Internalization

Direct Interaction

For most businesses, the primary brand impression comes from direct interaction between customers and employees.  You can spend as much money as you want advertising that your business is… friendly, helpful, insightful, innovative or whatever other benefit you might select, but if your employees don’t consistently drive this advantage home when interacting with customers your communications efforts will be wasted.

Significant Effort

This is why Webolutions dedicates significant effort to helping clients with cultural adoption and internalization of the brand.   An engaged culture is one of the keys to great marketing success. Our proven cultural integration process engages your team in the brand vision, allows them to understand their specific role, and creates individual responsibility. Our name for this is Activated Culture™ and it leads to happier, more productive and engaged teams, as well as increased customer satisfaction.

Primary components of Webolutions’ Activated Culture™ process include:

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