Community Spotlight: On Havana – A Leader in Community Transformation

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In 2008, the Havana Business Improvement came to Webolutions with an idea: improve their 4.3 mile stretch of Havana Street and make it a vibrant, safe, clean area with a lot of diversity. To kickstart this effort, we met with Havana Business Improvement District (BID) executive director Gayle Jetchick, BID members and community stakeholders to create an authentic brand that celebrated what was unique and authentic about the area. After the meeting, we outlined two different potential personas we needed to appeal to – potential shoppers and potential business owners.

Several themes emerged:

Through our interviews with residents and business owners, research and hours of conversations with community stakeholders, we came up with On Havana Street.

At the time, the area offered:


From there, we embarked on a marketing journey by creating a logo, website, a calendar of events, and an e-newsletter.

Over the years, the success of On Havana Street has been impressive.

Aurora City Sales Tax Revenues from the Havana BID businesses have increased from around $12 million in 2008 to more than $20 million in 2016.

We even spawned two more brands:

Some annual events include:

Quick Facts

On Havana Street in 2018

This year, we congratulate On Havana for celebrating their 10 year anniversary! We thank them for their dedication to the community.

Gayle is planning on retiring one day and has hired Chance Horiuchi as the executive director in training to take over the role. Chance brings enthusiasm and new ideas to the district. She will gracefully carry on the torch for Gayle.

We are looking forward to seeing how the area continues to improve because of the work of Gayle, Chance, the Board, residents and business owners.

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