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Most Onlin Marketing initiatives include some sort of Web analytics. However, many people overlook the critical measurement of the telephone calls received as a result of these efforts.

Webolutions’ call tracking solution allows businesses to add a new dimension to their online and offline campaign ROI measurement.  Some of this service’s features include:

The basics of effective ROI measurement are the ability to measure the ratio of cost to the conversions resulting from any given marketing initiative.  For instance, if I spend 10 hours per week or $2000 per month with an SEO company to increase my placement in the organic search results on Google, I should be able to measure this spend’s specific ROI through the precise measurement of the dollars in sales generated by this specific effort.

As simple as this sounds, most businesses have not yet reached this level of sophistication. Some examples of misinformation that we see businesses tracking includes:

The bottom line is that if you are spending a reasonable amount of money to have and promote your online presence, you should have accurate ROI tracking to show you which activities are worth the allocation of resources and which are not.

Case Study
We have a client who provides plumbing services.  On a month-by-month basis we had been tracking the conversion rate of their Website and the ROI of their different campaigns through the use of our advanced analytics solution.  We were looking at the number of site visitors, on a campaign-by-campaign basis, who completed the form at their Website to request a service call.

As you might imagine, the ROI cost per lead was coming in very high. This is because, for this type of home service business, far more people will call the company on the phone instead of filling out an email form to request service.

After implementing call tracking, we determined that the number of phone calls actually represents a 6 to 1 ratio to the number of Website forms being completed. So, the cost per conversion was really six times less than previously known.

As well, within just two weeks of the call tracking implementation, we were able to determine that some of their other advertising campaigns were not generating nearly the call volume as previously believed. By canceling these unproductive marketing programs, the company was able to reallocate these resources to more productive avenues.

Action Items

If you would like to find out more about our call tracking solutions or implement call tracking at your Website to more accurately measure your ROI on a campaign-by-campaign basis, contact Webolutions at 1-800-657-6055.

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