In today’s world of social media and word of mouth marketing, every individual on your team has the ability to influence and contribute to your organization’s marketing success. It is no longer just the job of the marketing department.

Every professional on your team has a LinkedIn profile, Facebook page, and other social communications tools. Webolutions’ Professional Excellence training:

If you are a small ten person company and each person on your team has just 400 Facebook friends, the experience of your brand can immediately reach 4000 people, if everyone is using these tools effectively. These people may be prospects or they may be influencers who can tell their network about your great organization. All of this leads to a greater reach for your message, more opportunities, and more potential sales.

At a time when personal referrals are the #1 way to generate new business, organizations must effectively utilize these tools.

If this year every one of your existing clients sent you just one more new client, the odds are that you would not have to engage in too much more marketing.

Another great way to use these tools is to engage with your existing clients and prospects. By actively participating and listening through these channels, you and your team have access to a virtually endless flow of information. You can know what activities your clients enjoy, what teams they follow, and where their passions lie. This information allows you to create stronger relationships in just minutes a day.

As these tools continue to evolve, all professionals will need to master the best practices of using them effectively. Webolutions’ experts can ensure that your team is not falling behind.

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