8 Benefits of a Website Redesign

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A strong digital presence is no longer a luxury for businesses – it is essential to your ongoing growth and success. Your website forms the foundation of this digital presence. No matter how people discover your business – via social media, recommendations from others they know, internet searches, or traditional marketing channels – they will visit your website to learn more. In this way, your website acts as the hub for all other marketing efforts and is the most crucial component.

Most people form an impression of your business within 0.5 seconds of visiting your website. This impression will dictate whether they stay on your website to learn more or leave to continue their search elsewhere. In addition, 88% of individuals are less likely to return to a website after a bad experience. A poorly designed website with outdated best practices, antiquated aesthetics and poor usability will have a devastating impact on your business long term.

For this reason, it is recommended that you redesign your website every two to three years. This will ensure that your website always utilizes the most up-to-date best practices and reflects the latest web design trends. Ultimately, this is the most effective way to ensure your website always provides the best possible experience year after year.

What Is a Website Redesign?

8 Tips for Your Next Website Redesign ProjectA website redesign involves rebuilding both the frontend and backend components of your website. The fronted components refer to the aspects of your website which impact the appearance, functionality and user experience. The backend components refer to the code used to power the frontend experience and functionality. During a redesign, you’ll have the ability to completely revamp the look and feel of your website. You can also add new features that will provide a better user experience and drive more leads.

You can achieve the following benefits from your website redesign:

More Cohesive Brand Identity

One of the most important functions of your website is to convey your brand messaging and identity. Having brand consistency throughout your website will help you more effectively connect with your audience and build trust.

There are several reasons why your existing website may not maintain the consistent brand messaging you need:

When you redesign your website, it provides an opportunity to revisit your brand messaging. As part of the redesign process, you will be able to:

The end result will be a website that conveys a more powerful brand to your audience. This will significantly improve your ability to grow your brand awareness, build trust and convert leads.

Improved Site Performance

An outdated CMS can cause technical issues with your website. Your website may use old, bloated code that slows down your site speed. You may have broken links which take visitors to error messages instead of live pages. The site may have outdated functionality or a poor navigation structure which doesn’t address the needs of your visitors. All of these potential issues can have a devastating impact on the performance of your website.

Redesigning your website allows you to clean up all of these problems and improve your website performance:

This will improve your site performance and provide a much better user experience. By doing so, you’ll significantly improve your website’s ability to grow your business.

Better SEO Results

improved SEO results after website redesignYou can have a beautiful website with highly informative content and strong brand messaging, but if people can’t find your website, it won’t help your business grow. SEO is a crucial tool to improve your search rankings and drive website traffic. Google’s search algorithms are constantly being updated, which means that SEO best practices evolve at a rapid rate. If your current website employs SEO tactics that are several years old, you may not be generating the best possible search engine results.

When you redesign your website, you have the ability to implement the latest SEO best practices during the website design and development process. This will help improve your search rankings and increase your chances of getting noticed by your target audience.

Some ways to improve your SEO during the redesign include:

Improved User Experience

Redesigning your website gives you an opportunity to reevaluate the experience you provide to your audience. With thoughtful planning, your new website can more effectively provide users with exactly what they need in a way that is easy to digest.

This improved user experience can take on many forms:

Leverage the Latest Web Design Best Practices and Trends

Styles and trends evolve over time. This is true of just about every aspect of life – you see it happen in music, TV, home décor and fashion, just to name a few. Web design is no different. If your website utilizes old styles and trends, it may feel outdated. This can potentially hurt your ability to make a good first impression.

Similarly, web design best practices are constantly changing. An old website using outdated best practices is more likely to provide a poor user experience, and this increases the chances that your visitors will leave your website right away.

Increased Leads and Sales

8 Helpful Tips for Your Next Website RedesignConverting visitors – either into promising leads or actual sales – is the primary goal of every website. A redesign gives you the opportunity to ensure your website is optimized to move visitors through the sales funnel, converting as many leads and/or sales as possible.

These conversions can take many different forms, including:

If you are trying to sell your product online, adding ecommerce functionality to your website can help you drive more sales without asking visitors to leave your website. This can significantly boost sales.

Redesigning your website lets you strategically place CTA buttons, online forms and other compelling calls to action throughout your website. By optimizing your use of these calls to action, you can significantly increase leads and sales.

Better Site Security

Cyber security threats are a major risk for all websites. An old website may not contain the most up-to-date security necessary to protect visitors from these threats. A website redesign allows you to fix any security errors on your existing website, utilize the most advanced security practices to prevent future threats, and add an SSL certificate that lets users know your site is secure.

In a worst-case scenario, your old website will have such outdated security that visitors receive warnings such as “your connection to this site is not secure.” When this occurs, many visitors may not even choose to enter your website at all. If the lack of website security makes users afraid to engage with it, you lose any chance of converting them.

Better Alignment with the Current Needs and Goals of Your Business

Your business has most likely grown and evolved over time. A website that addressed your needs five years ago may not be equipped to handle your needs today. A redesign gives you the opportunity to hit the reset and ensure your website can handle your present needs and goals, while providing the scalability to accommodate the next phase of your evolution over the next few years.

You may have a slightly different target audience today than when you built your current website. You may offer different products or services now. Your audience may have different needs and pain points due to changes in the world. Redesigning your website allows you to address these items – and more – to ensure it remains an effective tool for business growth.

Webolutions Can Help with Your Website Redesign

Your website is the foundation for all of your marketing efforts, and it’s crucial that your redesigned site sets your business up for ongoing growth and success. Working with an experienced digital marketing agency is the most effective way to ensure your new website addresses the specific needs of your business while providing the exceptional user experience your audience expects.

Webolutions has been building award winning websites for businesses in a wide range of industries since 1994. Our unique Websites Right Methodology™ is a fully integrated, strategic approach to website design and development that has been developed over 27 years and leverages the experience and knowledge acquired from building thousands of websites. This exclusive process involves:

Our Websites Right Methodology™ creates a far better and smoother client experience. It also ensures the best possible website marketing performance, allowing your business to grow and thrive.

Contact us to schedule a free consultation. One of our expert website consultants will discuss your specific needs and goals in detail to ensure you understand what is involved in the redesign process. Webolutions provides website design and development services to businesses nationwide.

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