7 Web Design and Development Trends to Consider in 2020

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2020 is full of new website developments. After building thousands of websites, Webolutions’ 26+ years of custom web design and development allows us to identify cutting-edge trends that will take your organization’s website to the next level.

Website Design and Development Trends in 2020

1. AI (Artificial Intelligence): AI is analyzing user behavior. It’s always a good rule to have “human employees” check what AI is telling you to see if it’s the right data and extrapolate the larger story from the data that integrates your entire marketing strategy.

2. Flexible Design Elements: Today’s websites are designed with fewer static elements and more dynamic design elements. Segmenting based on individual audiences is another trend on the rise. By segmenting content based on audience, you will create a better experience for your audience, which will result in more subscriptions, leads and engagement.

3. Motion: Video has been important for awhile now and will continue to be in 2020 and beyond. This includes animation, motion graphics, and 3D rendering. This dynamic content is different than rotating header images which continue their downward trend thanks to increased mobile usage — in fact, mobile traffic accounts for 50%-80% of total web traffic. To improve the use of motion on your website, we recommend 1-2 parallax windows, a popular design element where background images move more slowly than foreground images to an illusion of depth, on your home page.

4. UX (User Experience): People will decide whether to like your website in 0.05 seconds, and 60% will continue to interact with your website based on color alone. To make an impact with your audience, be sure to post compelling images and content that convey transformation and adhere to your brand standards. Need help crafting your brand strategy? Contact Webolutions today!

5. Integrations: Third-party integrations such as a contact relationship system and e-commerce platform will continue to grow as the barriers to integration drop, which means more plugins for you and your website. When installing integrations on your website, be sure to check with IT department to make sure that these plugins are documented within your website scope.

6. Predictive Analytics: The ability to track searching trends and the intent behind them, combined with programs that identify website visitors on a more granular level make it easier than ever to know who your target audience REALLY is, and what exactly they’re looking for so you can provide it. Be sure to see this increasingly popular digital marketing trend in the next two to three years.

7. ADA Compliance: More than 14% of website visitors are classified as being protected by the American Disability Act. And since websites are listed as a public entity, it’s the law that all public utilities must be accessible to everyone, regardless of limitation. Every time you add a piece of content, it must comply with the American Disabilities Act. Accessibility is a conversation that you will see continue to grow and inch toward center stage in 2020 and beyond.

Discover More Website Trends

These are just a handful of trends to consider when building or re-designing your website. For a further dive into custom website features, watch or re-watch our webinar, Creating an Effective Website for 2020. Understand how to ensure your website development experience generates a high-performing website that helps you achieve your goals.

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