3 Employees Celebrate 10+ Years at Webolutions

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One of Webolutions’ corporate values is to create long-term relationships, and that includes those people on the Webo team. This month we would like to showcase three of those team members who have proven their commitment to the company with multiple years of service. Longevity of employment can be a positive factor to clients, knowing that they are working with a stable company and they can depend on finding a familiar voice when they call our office.

Kristin Dye, our Operations Manager, has been here for 13 years, Erik Landru, our Technical Systems Manager, has been working here for 10-1/2 years and Amy Martinez, our Project Manager, just celebrated her 10-year anniversary. We asked them to reflect back and tell us a little about themselves:

What do you remember about your first day at Webolutions?

Kristin: I remember it very well and I was excited to be here. I was invited to lunch with two co-workers, so I felt immediately included (thanks, Cindy Gerk!) At the time we were in a smaller space on Evans and Monaco. We had no kitchen, so I had to take the coffee pot and mugs down the hall to wash them. Now we have a spacious kitchen with two dishwashers, and we’ve expanded into a bigger and nicer office space.

Erik: Oh, golly that was so many years ago, but I remember on the day I started many people on the team were going go-karting.  It was a great team builder!

Amy: I remember being welcomed to the office by John Knox, who was heading up the Online Marketing dept at the time. (Seriously, that is the only thing I remember from day one). He is still one of my dearest friends, even though he’s moved on to run his own business.

What lesson have you learned while working at Webo? Or What are you better at now?

Kristin: I’ve learned the fine art of writing an email so that it isn’t misinterpreted. I’ve noticed people get very lazy when communicating with the written word and they inadvertently come off as being rude, terse or the point is misunderstood. I have learned to be concise yet cover all the bases and make sure to let clients know we are thankful for their business, because we are! I also make sure to be timely in answering any questions or addressing any issues clients may have.

Erik: Biggest lesson I’ve learned is that communication is key.  For the first few years at Webolutions I worked in the office, so it was easy to keep up with the daily goings on.  Once I moved back to Wisconsin to work remotely, the use of technology (Slack, email, phone) became very important.  You can’t help the team succeed unless you know what is going on.  I might not always have the best ideas but one of the things I really appreciate about Webo is the diverse group of knowledge that we all pull together to make a client’s project/needs better.

Amy: After 10 years I am better at balancing priorities and managing expectations with clients. We are a small team, so this has become very important in my role as Project Manager. I’ve also learned to enjoy the process instead of creating a website from start to finish. It’s not always a race to the finish line!

I know your team takes time to have fun together – what is your favorite activity you’ve done as a team?

Kristin: On a Saturday we rented a shuttle bus, drove to the Royal Gorge and rode on the Skycoaster, then went to The Winery At Holy Cross Abbey where we received a tour and then had a picnic lunch on their property, right next to all the grapevines. And yes, we did sample the wine too.

Erik: Working remotely I don’t get out to Colorado that often but when I do it’s nice to catch up with old friends, meet the new people and of course, enjoy the state’s wonderful libertarian views on cannabis.

Amy: I’ve really enjoyed our participation on the On Havana Street Grocery Cart Race. It is an event put on by one of our long-term clients, and benefits a local homeless shelter, Comitis Crisis Center in Aurora. I like it because it involves teamwork, fun, being silly, fundraising for a great cause and supporting one of my favorite clients! This is an annual event and has took place every year since 2011. Last year the event raised $50,000! Sign your team up for the event this year!

What do you like to do in your spare time?

Kristin: I’m passionate about animal welfare, and spend my Saturdays at the Dumb Friends League, walking dogs and giving them TLC until they get adopted. If I’m not there I’m hanging out with my husband, going to a movie or trying out a new brew pub. And we always make sure to take our own pooch for a walk in the Colorado foothills.

Erik: I’m a pretty typical nerd that enjoys fine whiskey, a well-informed political discussion, eating a ketogenic diet and photography (weddings, events, drunk shenanigans).

Amy: In my time spare time I love going to local art events and concerts. At home I love gardening and trying new recipes. Vacationing at the beach with my family is my all-time favorite thing to do!

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About Kristin Dye

I joined Webolutions back in 2005, where we were in a tiny office on Evans and Monaco. It has been exciting to be a part of the growth and success that we’ve had as a company over the past 13 years. We have a team that is passionate about what we do, and everyone works hard at their pieces of the puzzle, which all come together to produce an amazing marketing plan for our clients.

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