2015 Social Media Resolutions

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The new year is just around the corner, and with it fast approaching, many individuals are inspired to create yearly goals and resolutions. If you love social media as much as I do, you might commit to similar resolutions to the ones I have listed below. These social media resolutions are great for any individual, professional or business.

Clean Up Old Tweets

When did you jump on the microblogging bandwagon? Do you remember your first tweet?

In the past, the only way to get an archive of your past tweets was to download them on the backend of your own personal Twitter account. Now, Twitter has indexed all public tweets since 2006.

The benefits of this are knowledge and information. Tweets have captured everyday experiences and major historical events. You can find comprehensive results for many live events, conferences, industry discussions, trending hashtag conversations and more.

The downside? You may not have made the most valuable tweets during your early Twitter years.

If you are searching for indexed tweets, they may appear in the “All” tab of search results on the Twitter web client, and Twitter for iOS and Twitter for Android apps.

If you are looking to delete old tweets, you have a few options:

• Be drastic and delete your account (we don’t recommend this)
• Manually delete each old tweet (time consuming)
• Discover your #FirstTweet
• Advanced Search Yourself (you can delete tweets after searching from:username)

Update LinkedIn

You may be excelling in a career and not even looking for a new position, but it’s always good to keep your LinkedIn profile updated with your most recent achievements, awards and accomplishments.

Take a minute and consider a few of these updates:

• Are you using a profile picture that is current and professional? (ditch that 2005 headshot)
• Were you on a team or part of a project that won any awards this year?
• Have you presented in the last year to a team, a board or at a conference?
• Did you attend a conference or receive training/new certifications?

Update Facebook Privacy Settings

Facebook recently updated their Terms and Policies. Understanding how Facebook works and how to control your online privacy is very valuable. You now have control over who you share your updates with, who can see your sensitive information within your Facebook profile (including your location and cell phone number), and who is able to find you via search and type of content you are tagged in.

It can all seem overwhelming but very crucial to your privacy and personal life. Here are a few recommendations on where to get started:

• Start with walking through Privacy Basics
• Double check your current privacy settings: Start with the v tab on the top right of your profile – Click on Settings –> Privacy.
• Make sure you are not posting to the ‘Public’

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Master a New Network

Social media is always changing, always evolving. I’m sure you have asked yourself at one time or another, “What’s the next big thing?”

While it’s nearly impossible to predict, it always good to keep an ear to the ground. Below is a list of a few new and existing platforms you may want to invest some time into in 2015.
• Ello
• Yik Yak
• tsu
• kik
• Fitocracy
• Twitters Buy Now Feature

Put the Phone Down

This is more of a personal resolution. Taking time to disconnect can not only give you time back, but others around you will respect this decision as well. We are all guilty of using our phone as a distraction at the dinner table when we use it to check our email or Facebook. These habits can be damaging to not only ourselves but to our relationships and the people around us.

Start out by setting little goals, and slowly try to progress to larger feats:

• No cell phones at the dinner table
• Talk now, text later
• Wait until the end of the day (or the weekend) to upload your photos
• Attempt to not check your phone up to an hour before bed
• Go an entire day (gasp!) phone free

How to Use this Information

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